3 months ago I realized I was missing out on one of the biggest opportunities that social media brings: building a personal brand.

After some grinding, last week, I reached the "magic" number of 1.000 followers on Twitter. These are 7 things I learned on that journey:

1. Start now

The best moment to start was months/years ago.

The second best time is now.

I was laid off 1 month ago, the good thing is that now I have an asset (my Twitter account) to leverage on my new job hunt or my future projects.

Start. Now.

2. "Steal" from the best

Follow the best and see what works for them. Take it, remix, make it yours, and post again.

Stealing doesn't mean copying. Stealing in this context is meant to be used as inspiration.

3. Show up every day

Twitter rewards consistency. Tweet every day and you will see results, but you need to be patient.

Most days you will miss, but you need to keep showing up to hit the target.

In my case and after 1.064 tweets, one thread went viral and propelled me from 250 to 800 followers in just 1 day.

4. Connect

Don't underestimate the power of the DM on Twitter.

You have top indie makers and thought leaders available to chat just one DM away.

5. Promote yourself or no one else will

Share your work and distribute across all channels that make sense for you. No one else will come and do the work for you.

This is a great example on how I am doing it for myself👇.

6. Your audience is not made from numbers, it's made from people

You need to know really well the problems and pain points your target audience is facing.

Let your tweets be the answer to those problems and the audience will come to you.

7. Growth compounds

Growth is not linear. Instead, it compounds.

You can see little to no action on a daily basis, but one day, BOOM, it explodes and your numbers skyrocket. Doesn't happen in a matter of weeks though.

Find the original Twitter thread below. Feel free to reach me on Twitter for any comment or question!