When you are growing a social profile, there are certain milestones that everyone strives to get.

On Youtube you get the famous silver button when you reach 100k subs. Then, if you hit 1M subs, you get the golden button. And so on.

While it's true that follower numbers don't mean as much as people think, it's still nice to see how your work is being rewarded with people's attention.

On Twitter, the first magic number anyone strives for is 1000 followers. Going from 3 to 4 figures on your follower count feels amazing.

It's the tipping point that tells you that you might be onto something.

I reached 1000 followers on September 1st and talked about what I learned here.

On November 7th, I got to the 2000 followers mark. These are the 6 things I learned. Let's dive in!

1. Find a balance between quality and quantity

As I see it, with 1000 followers you now have the power to tweet less because you don't need to grow as fast as before. But, at the same time, a bit more quality is expected of you and your work.

I'm personally still figuring out the right balance here.

2. Keep showing up

This might seem contradictory to the point above, but let me explain.

The point above is meant for your own content, this one is meant for you connecting with other accounts.

Even if you don't post every day, you should be commenting and DMing everyone you find interesting.

The chances that they listen to you are higher since you have now a bigger audience. Take advantage of that.

3. Threads are the true growth engine

Good threads have the power to skyrocket your audience. I went from 200 to 800 followers with only one thread.

4. Your Twitter profile is like a billboard (but free!)

3,8k people viewed my Twitter profile last July.

10k people did last month.

13k people will do this month.

More followers mean more attention to your profile. Make sure the right links are in place because you will get a spike of organic traffic just from people checking it.

In my case, I'm redirecting people to my Gumroad products, my freelance services and my blog.

5. "Following" inertia is real and it's not as good as you think

If you have followers, it must mean you are doing something right, no?

It's easier for people to follow people who already have a follower base, but this has a downside too.

"Oh, he has 1300 followers, he must be interesting"

People might have followed you for your follower count without checking the type of content you produce.

This means they will unfollow as fast as they followed, or even worst, they will see your content and not engage with it, making your engagement % drop.

6. Word of mouth exists and it's powerful

As more people see you coming up on their timeline, the chances that they recommend you to other people increase.

I had 3 follower spikes (+150 in 1 day) during this journey.

1 of them came from one of my threads going viral. The other two came from people's recommendations to their own audience.

I've also secured a podcast appearance through word of mouth!

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