From 5k to 10k followers on Twitter - The Journey

Thanks for checking this out and welcome! This is a live document where I will be documenting my entire process to grow from 5k to 10k followers on Twitter by July 31st. If you want to keep tabs on me and my journey, you can follow me on Twitter at @AlexLlullTW and subscribe to my upcoming newsletter (launching this week).

The live count

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Where are we now?

For context, this was written on May 5th

I'm sitting at 5,2k followers on Twitter right now, earned on the last 10 months.

To get to 10k, I need 4,800 followers.

In 86 days.

That's around 55 new followers per day.

My daily follower average is of only 16 in the last 90 days (thanks @iloAnalytics for the stat).

That's more than 3x my efforts in the next 3 months.

Sounds like I have some work to do.

The Strategy - My plan to get to 10k

My Twitter strategy needed some rework so I decided to put some time on it. The result? Read below.

My strategy to get to 10k

Who or from what I'm stealing?

These are the resources (tweets, threads, articles, etc) I'm using to get inspired for the journey to 10k. It's a small compendium of "How to Twitter".

Useful Resources

What?What is it?What to steal?Link
15 learnings to make your threads viral by @alexgarcia_atx
Alex is doing an awesome job at Twitter lately, especially with his threads. He is basically spinning one viral thread per day. In this thread, he basically lays out hw he crafts his threads. I've stolen a few things for myself like doing a TL:DR after the CTA and not before. Worth checking out!
How I use Twitter by @ArvidKahl
Arvid basically breaks down his entire strategy, from how he creates content, how he engages, how he automates everything... Btw, I will be breaking how Arvid uses Twitter on the first issue of my Steal Club newsletter.
The Twitter Thief
Disclaimer: this is my own ebook. This ebook encapsulates everything I learned going from 0 to 1,000 followers on Twitter. Learn the same frameworks I'm using to steal from others.
How Blake uses Twitter can just be described as masterfully. He is killing it lately with his threads and he is CMOing (is that a thing?) for copy.ai in public. You can steal his tweet style & how he engages with his audience. 100% worth following
How I use Twitter and why by @aaditsh
Aadit shares how he uses Twitter with real examples. It's a real case study on how to grow on Twitter by being genuine. He's almost at 10k now so I would say he did a great job.
Content lesson by @jackbutcher
Not much to say. Simple but effective framework on how to win at content. →Make it timely →Make it timeless
Shaan Puri's content process told by @chrishlad
This is part of a bigger thread but this tweet really stuck with me. It's a one tweet version of how Shaan creates content. A golden nugget.
Less obvious points on how to build an audience by @bzaidi
Massive thread with not-so-obvious tips on how to build an audience. Learned (and stole) a few of the tips for myself. Bilal is a beast, highly recommend a follow and checking his podcast "Creator lab"
How to use Tweetdeck (free tool) to curate your information diet by @Julian
Julian gives a video walkthrough on how he uses Tweetdeck to avoid spam and filter his information diet. Worth taking a look if you want to use Twitter more effectively.
How to build an audience using a content flywheel by @jdnoc
Jordan breaks down how to build an audience using a content flywheel, with real case studies by the likes of James Clear or Jack Butcher. Super interesting if you want to revamp your content strategy in general. I'm using parts of it to get to 10k too!

What's next? How do I follow the journey?

The plan is to keep journaling via this page and my Twitter profile.

I will share what went right, what went wrong and my thoughts on it. If you want to tag along for the ride, just make sure you follow me on Twitter!

And if you have any questions, I'm a DM away! Don't be shy!