If you have been around on Twitter, chances are that you've found Daniel Vassallo's profile.

The now Gumroad quarter-time Head of Product is one of the most successful success cases ever on the platform.

He has made over $260k in sales with two info products. $150k of those sales come from his now-famous Twitter course "Everyone can build a Twitter audience".

As you can imagine, lots of people label Daniel as a Twitter expert.

As I was doing some research on his profile (you know, to "steal" stuff) I found a thread he did back in March, when he had around 20k followers.

Daniel offered to review 50 Twitter profiles and give honest feedback. He then packaged every common thing he saw into a thread.

Let's dig into it.

1 - Weak bio & pinned tweet

As Daniel says, "gaining followers is a funnel". People go through your profile like it's a business card.

If what you offer it's not clear and interesting, they won't follow.

I also talked about this a while back:

A good rule of thumb: would you follow yourself from just reading your bio and pinned tweet?

2 - Avoid retweets

Your timeline should be about yourself.

People follow someone for their content, not their RTs which is basically other people's content.

If you had a car dealership, you wouldn't advertise your neighbors' every day, right?

If you feel the need to retweet something, make it a quote retweet. Add something valuable to your audience.

3 - Reply to other people's tweets

Turn on notifications for some popular accounts you like and comment or quote RT their content.

Be careful: don't become a spammer.

Contribute, add something of value, an opinion, an example, or refute their point to start a conversation.

I call this "Stealing Twitter followers".

4 - Avoid posting uninteresting stuff

Unless you are well-known, nobody will care about your pets, your new haircut, or your new car.

Build an audience by creating the content YOU would love to consume.

Your target audience is a past version of yourself.

5 - Tweet something

As Daniel puts it, "It's quality over quantity, but quantity can't be zero".

If you keep shooting every day, you will soon hit the mark.

6 - Use your full name and photo

This step might be uncomfortable for many.

In my experience, people connect better with other people, not anonymous accounts (although there are a few of those being super successful, it's not the norm).

Step out of your comfort zone!

7 - Avoid a negative "ask budget"

When you start, nobody knows you. What do you think their reaction will be if you start asking for stuff?

Follow me! Retweet this! Buy my ebook!


That's it, crickets.

You need to build credibility first before you ask something from your audience.

Give, give, give, give, give, and then take.

Learn more

If you found this article interesting, I suggest you follow Daniel on Twitter and check his Gumroad products.

I myself took his Twitter course at the beginning of my journey and it has definitely helped a lot.

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If you feel like digging deeper, I recommend you check out my first ebook The Twitter Thief. Guaranteed you will get some value out of it!