Hey, my name is Alex and this is my piece of the internet's real estate.

I mostly write and talk about social media, content creation and marketing.

My goal is to help as many creators and entrepreneurs as possible leverage social media content so that they can grow their brand, audience, or business.



My story

A bit about me. Open each toggle for more!

Born and raised in Mallorca, Spain.
Went to college to study media communication
Lived one year abroad in Finland
Moved back to Madrid, Spain for a Masters degree
Started my professional career as a Community Manager
Moved to bigger advertising agencies. Transitioned role.
Early 2020, made my big move to an international agency
Got fired.
But a new opportunity comes.
Adopted Moca


  • Social Media: how people and brands use it to communicate.
  • Content: the different formats on how stories are told.
  • Strategy: how good planning leads to great results.
  • Reading, YouTube and podcasting: my three favorite ways of information consumption.
  • Basketball: been playing since a kid. I follow the NBA daily.
  • Videogames: how I unplug my mind after a day's work.



What I'm doing now

I'm currently 50% creator, 50% freelance.

Besides my freelance work, I also:

  • Create daily content on Twitter
  • Write The Steal Club newsletter
  • And create digital products