“Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know how to succeed, but more importantly, what’s your plan to succeed?” - Jim Rohn

Your posts are not receiving enough engagement, and there's a reason.

You are posting without a strategy.

Let me give you a 5 step "worksheet" to craft one.

1 - Have the right mindset: which type of user are you?

Social media can be used just for fun, but if you want to extract something valuable from social media, you need to be a producer with purpose. Shift your mindset.
There are three types of users on social media

  • The consumer: doesn't produce any output, only consumes what others create
  • The rambling producer: produces from time to time but the thoughts are disconnected
  • The producer with purpose: has a clearly defined goal of what he/she wants to achieve from creating on social media

2 - Define a goal

Now that you are committed to producing, you need to define a goal. What are you expecting to obtain from social media?

  • Customers?
  • Connections?
  • Attention?
  • Dopamine?

Whatever it is, choose carefully, because it will define what type of content you will produce.

3- Type of content

Some types of content that work:

  • Actionable
  • Inspiring
  • Analytical
  • Entertain

You need to choose which of these frameworks works better for your goal. You can also combine them for a better effect.


4 - Distribute

Distribution is key with content on social.

  • Where's your target audience?
  • What times are they most active?
  • Who are they following? And where?

Example: Leverage the "big fishes." Remix their ideas and tag them. If they engage, it will amplify your reach.

5 - Evolve your strategy

A good strategy is always evolving. You need to stay on top of what your audience needs. Best way to do it? Listen to them:

  • Make a lot of noise: post a lot, try different frameworks and styles
  • Find what resonates: Find out what works better (more engagement, more replies)
  • Double down on what works

My own example

  • Goal: Customers + attention. I want more clients and more attention to my own projects.
  • Type of content: actionable (like this article) and inspiring (sharing my journey)
  • Distribute: Twitter + slack groups and forums + personal blog

Hope this small "thread worksheet" can help you get more clarity on your own strategy. If you like the post, please like and RT the first one so it reaches more people!

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