Creators' Trove: +90 tools & resources for creators

The idea

I just got a new PC recently and, as I was setting Chrome up, I realized that I had a lot of bookmarks saved over the last months.

Those bookmarks were mainly tools or resources I thought were cool and "saved" for later (never to be looked at again, you know how it goes)

Me with my links.
Me with my links.

So I said, "Hey, why don't I put all of these together on a cool-looking Notion directory and share it with the world?"

And that's how Creators' Trove was born.

Some numbers

Creators Trove launched as a free resource and its intended to be that way.

So far, +530 people have used the resource. Some of them were generous enough to tip something, so the product has made so far $71.



Now, if reading this made you want to take a look at the tool, check the link below! Just type 0 on the price box and you'll get it for free.