Back on August, my tweets and threads were reaching only 300 people.

While I was happy with the route my account was taking, I needed a bit more. I needed an "aha moment" that indicated that what I was doing was worth pursuing.

That aha moment came when a Twitter thread I crafted in around 1h brought me more attention than the 2 previous months of tweeting.

There's no magical button to go viral, but I took a couple of calculated decisions that made the chances of virality higher. Let's break them down..

For context, here's a link to the "viral thread" in question.

The numbers

  • 235.000 impressions*
  • 424 RTs
  • Around 500 new followers

*This numbers are dated as August 22nd. It has increased since then.

The importance of the first tweet.

Let's take a look on how the first tweet is structured.

As you can see, each one of the text blocks and the image has a clear goal. This is very important, because this first tweet is what will make people decide if they spend some time reading your thread or not.

You need to lure them in.

What to write about? Choose a pain point

Everybody wants their tweets to be seen, and the thread just helps on how to do that.

It directly "attacks" my audience, telling them: "Hey, remember how you are not getting any likes on your tweets? This will help!"

I kinda know my audience's struggles around social media and content and I knew this is something that they would be attracted to.

This is how good style/format looks like

Content is King, but format is Queen

As the original viral thread goes, content is super important, but if it's difficult to consume, most of your audience will pass.

What did I do? I crafted every tweet the same composition. Something that made each tweet easy to read.

  • A title to let you know what the tweet is about
  • 2 - 3 lines to add value
  • An image for better context
  • All separated by blank spaces

Consistent branding

My personal branding has a visual edge, which is that every graphic I make its done with the same colour palette: black and yellow/orange

I could've just shared the screenshots as they were. Instead, I purposely added them with a background with my "brand" colour.

This makes the thread insta-recognizable, as my profile picture has the same colour.

Give visual examples and use peoples' influence

On Twitter everybody writes, but not so many people post pictures.

One of my favourite sayings is "Show, don't tell", and that's exactly what I did.

I added visual examples of every type of "tweet format" that was mentioned.

But not from anybody.

I tagged 5 influencers that I know that are very active on social hoping they would interact.

2/5 did. This helped the thread get more impressions.

Influential Tweeters tagged on my thread.

Bonus: Luck

Luck is always a factor on virality.

But luck only favours those who show up every day.

Shoot everyday, and once in a while, you will hit the target.

To recap

  • Strategize first, publish second
  • Write about a pain, something inspiring or actionable.
  • Start with a punchline
  • Add branded visuals
  • Optimize picture sizes for twitter

Learn more

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Last but not least, catch the OG Twitter thread below!