One of the most common struggles on Twitter is finding tweet ideas.

Don't waste more time looking for those ideas

Steal them.

Here's how YOU can do it.

No idea is original

What you need to know first is that 100% of ideas are already out there.

You won't come up with anything unique on your own.

Example: Google was the 21st search engine to enter the market in 1998.

Not the first, not the second. The 21st.

So, where can you find ideas worth stealing?

Ideas come from everywhere.

Social media, TV, magazines, your coworkers...

If you want to get better at tweeting, then you need to find good Twitter accounts, preferably on your niche of interest.

Start looking and targeting.

Store ideas

Have a place to store cool ideas that you see to come back later and get inspired

Keeping with the Twitter example, I bookmark everything worth stealing.

Sometimes I do it because of the style, sometimes because of the idea, sometimes because of both.

Remix ideas

When I say steal I don't mean copy.

Steal means get inspired. Take the best o that idea and add your own take.

An example, where I stole a tweet idea from Jack Butcher

I even told him I would do it!

Give credit

Every time I steal something I give credit to the original author. Example:

Protip: Steal from many

Quote by Wilson Mizner

Hope you got inspired by this article! Now go steal (even from me).

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Last but not least, this is the original Twitter thread.