Content is king, but format is queen.

Your content can be great, but if it's not easy to consume, it won't be seen.

How can you improve your tweeting style?

By stealing from the best.

Punch liners

Punch liners are clear statements about something written in one line.

Something that can ignite a conversation, thought, or action.

Jack butcher is a master at this. Around 80% of his tweets are like that.

Punch liners work too if they are controversial.

And for that, Sahil from Gumroad is your go-to guy.

Him being not your usual VC makes his one-liners very popular.


Who doesn't love a bunch of actionable steps compressed on one tweet?

Numbers give a clear guide to follow. "First do this, then this".

Perfect examples by Daniel Vasallo and David Perrell.

Multiple mention

Tweets that mention a lot of people/brands are also popular.

Its a win-win, you spread the word about them and they like or RT your content.

Besides, it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Examples by Bram and Matthew Kobach.

The thread starter

The tweet that starts a thread needs to be like a newspaper headline.

If it includes numbers ($$$), better.

Perfect example by Ian from SeatGeek.

Bonus track: Rise of visual twitter

We can thank this trend to Jack Butcher and Visualize Value.

This kind of tweets consist of one sentence (normally a quote) and its visual interpretation.


Next steps

Now take these examples, steal them, remix them, and create your own.

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