Steve Jobs was a marketing genius.

In 1997 he gave what has been labeled as one of the best marketing speeches ever.

He gives some key lessons of what product marketing should be about.

This article is a quick look on how "Think Different", the emblematic Apple claim, was born.

Apple's problem

Apple is a top 5 brand in the world.

But even that big of a brand needs investment and caring if they want to stay relevant.

Jobs acknowledged Apple had been struggling with that.

They weren't finding the way to resonate with their audience. They needed a communication shift, based on Job's first two lessons:

  • Marketing is about values.
  • In a noisy world, you have to be ultra clear on what you want people to know about you and your brand

Okay, we have problems. But how do we fix them?

This is how Steve was sure they would NOT be fixing their problems:

  • Not talking about speeds and fees
  • Not talking about bits and hertz
  • Not talking about why they are better than windows

Why? Jobs gives to great examples

Example #1: Milk industry

The dairy industry trying to convince you milk is good.

They are not talking about the product, they are talking about the ABSENCE of the product and what it does to you.

Example #2: Nike

Nike sells commodity, they sell shoes. Their ads are not about the products, they don't talk about the air soles.

What do they do? They honor great athletes and great athletics.

Finding the core value

So, Jobs knew Apple had a great product, but they didn't want to talk about that.

They wanted to talk about what Apple was really about.

He wanted to find its core value and translate it into a marketing campaign.

"Our customers want to know who is apple and what it stands for. Where do they fit in this world" - Steve Jobs

Apple doesn't just make "boxes" for people to do their job well...

Its core value, is that they believe that people with passion can change the world for the better.

And those people, who are crazy enough to believe, are the ones that actually do.

So, how do you communicate this?

By honoring the people who have changed the world.

Some are living, some are not.

But Jobs bets that "the ones who are not living, they would be using a Mac."

Here's the original ad.

This is how "Think different", was born.

Going deep into the company's ultimate core value and extracting this message to honor the people who think different and move the world forward.

This is the original tweet that sparked my thread and this article.

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