0 to 400$ a month: The Twitter Thief

For context, this article was written on the December, 1st, 2020. The book sales have since slowed down to around 150$ x mo. Still quite good imo!

The Twitter Thief, my first ebook, just crossed 1k$ in sales.

A book that didn't even exist 3 months ago, is now making 400$ a month without lifting a finger.

This is the story of how I productized myself following the "build once, sell twice" mindset by Jack Butcher from Visualize Value.

The spark

Everything started on the Visualize Value community.

If you never heard of it, it's a community lead by Jack Butcher, whose motto is "Build once, sell twice".

He has managed to grow his brand and his courses business to the extent where he is making $1M/year.


By productizing himself, which means packaging his experience and skills into one digital product (build once) that he can later sale an infinite number of times (sell twice) on the internet.

On the VV community, I found a lot of inspiring stories of other creators making money by "productizing" themselves besides Jack's.

These stories were the spark that I needed to try to replicate the model by myself.

The idea

For context, this happened in August - September 2020.

I had been building my Twitter skills for the last 3 months up to 1000 followers in August.

My account's growth came from me doing some easily replicable tactics so, why not share that?

I had found my "build once" skill: twitter growth

Now, If you've been around Twitter for a while, you will find that there are a lot of Twitter growth guides out there, some very good, some not so good.

I knew I was going in a super-saturated market, so I needed to differentiate myself, but how?

The Thief is born

I had found major success back in August writing a thread about "stealing tweet styles".

The thread went viral (for my standards), getting more than 2.2k likes, 500 RTs and making me go from 300 to 800 followers in just 1 day.

When something resonates with your audience, what do you do? You double down.

I decided to replicate the stealing theme once again by publishing a second thread about "Stealing Twitter followers".

It did quite well too, so I decided to give it a try for a third time.

This time, I wrote about "stealing ideas" as the main topic...and it worked again!

I knew I was on to something.

I was explaining simple growth tactics on Twitter but with a theme that connected them all, creating a cool narrative that people really seemed to like.

The Twitter Thief was born.

The pre-sale: testing interest

I realized what I needed to do: I was going to write an ebook about Twitter growth but with the "stealing" theme as the main narrative conductor.

I even gave myself a time constraint for extra motivation: 15 days

But before jumping into writing, I decided to do the last test.

I quickly put together a pre-sale page on Gumroad, designed a cool looking image, and set a discounted price for everyone purchasing on pre-sale.

On the 15th of September, I tweeted about it to make myself accountable.

To my surprise, I made 40$ on the first day (5 sales) and another 40$ on the next five days.

That was more than enough proof that there was an interest in the ebook!

Now I just needed to actually write the book.

Launch day and beyond

Then October 1st came.

With 258$ in pre-sales, at least I had the reassurance that my work wasn't in vain!

I didn't do much promotion in the following weeks. I decided to keep a low profile with my product, didn't want to be THAT guy promoting his stuff all the time.

Despite that, I was making 1 or 2 sales per day just by having the link available on my bio (super underrated pro-tip, put stuff on your bio!).

Yeah, I did run some promotions, like a birthday discount which made me 90$ in one day (great birthday present!) but that was pretty much it.

In November, sales slowed down (I hadn't tweeted about it for two weeks) but then Black Friday came.

Instead of offering a discount like everyone is doing, I decided I would be rising prices after December 1st, which propelled the last spike on sales that made the ebook cross the 1k$ sales mark.

Why are you sharing this? $1k is not that much

I'm sharing this story not because I made a lot of money, because I didn't.

$1k might not seem much, but it is to someone who was making NOTHING 3 months ago.

I'm sharing this story so people can see that a regular guy, with not much of an audience at the time, was able to secure an extra $400 per month.

This $400 can be life-changing depending on where you live.

I'm sharing this story so YOU can see the power of the internet and the "build once, sell twice" mindset.

I'm sharing this story with the hope that it inspires you to start productizing yourself.

Every-time someone purchases the ebook, there goes two weeks of my work packaged. I'm basically multiplying myself without making any effort.

Tell me that's not something you would like for yourself.

If I could do it, so can you. The roadmap is clear:

  • Take the one skill you know can be useful for others
  • Package it so you stand out from your competition
  • Add a narrative edge to it (Stealing in my case)
  • Build in public: share every milestone with your audience
  • Share, share and share. If you don't promote yourself, no one will.

I leave you with one last piece of wisdom from Jack. Go make that first $ today!

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