How to steal Twitter followers


It's very difficult for smaller accounts to gain followers. Most of what you tweet goes on to the Twitter void and gets lost.

But what If I told you you can actually steal someone else's followers?

Let's dive in!

Who can you "steal" followers from?

You want more followers, sure, but not just any kind. You need to steal the right followers.

And who are those?

Active follower → an active Twitter user which is interested in your industry/niche. For example: indie making.

And where do they hang out?

You will probably find them close to TOP accounts on your niche.

Those accounts will be our target.

Researching our target

But careful!

Having a lot of followers doesn't mean anything.

You need to search for someone whose tweets are full of engagements, especially replies.

By doing that, you are making sure that the followers you are stealing are active.



Now how do we actually steal them?

Every time one of these top accounts posts something, reply, or RT with a comment.

Easy no?

But there's a catch. You need to ADD VALUE on top of the original post

And how exactly do you add value?

  • Add your take to the original post
  • Ask a thoughtful question so the original poster can reply
  • Spark a conversation or join an existing one

Here's an example of how I stole 100 followers from Jack Butcher 👇

Reap the benefits

By implementing this strategy, you will:

  • Get attention from people in your niche
  • These people will check out your profile thanks to your reply and probably follow you
  • You might create relationships with the top account

Protips: Timing and optimized profile

The perfect heist requires perfect timing.

  1. Set up notifications for those accounts so you know when to attack
  2. Be fast. Try to be one of the first accounts to comment

And, you have to keep in mind, that once people see your comment, will check your profile, so it better be optimized.

I talked about this on my Twitter account before. Take a look!

Avoid doing this

  • Don't just rephrase the sentence
  • Don't reply too much, too often. Find a balance
  • Comment only if you have something valuable to add

Take action

What's stopping you from targeting those top accounts?

You can start today, just go make that list and start adding value!