I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man

For context, this article was written on February 18, 2021.

I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man β€” Jay Z

The above is a quote by Jay-Z, one of the most famous rappers and business moguls of all time.

I love this quote because it makes me think about the booming creator economy.

On my side of Twitter, there are businesses made every day.

But no, not that kind of business.

Instead, the kind of business that's small enough to be run by one or two people. They are sustainable, profitable from day one and they are creator-based.

What do I mean by that?

The creator IS the business.

Last Friday I launched the pre-sale of what will be my second info-product: Twitbox, a Notion-based dashboard to help people with Twitter.

So far we've sold 46 copies β€”that's around $1,200. As sales were coming in, I recognized most of the names of the purchasers.

Most of them were people I already connected with in one way or another. Maybe it was a DM or maybe they reply to my tweets from time to time.

Whatever it is, the thing is that they bought the product because it comes from ME. With time, I've earned their trust somehow.

I'm the business.

And I've been on the other side too. For the last months, I found myself purchasing other creators' products for the same reason.

I know the product will be good because it comes from THEM and not someone with who I don't have a connection.

Now that I have an insider view, I'm sure the future will be made of small, creator businesses, run by real persons.

They won't become the next Amazon, nor they need to. They aren't businessmen.

We, the creators, ARE the business, man.