My Twitter profile is better than my resume

This is how I pay my bills 👇

On the one side, I build my own info products like And, on the other side, I offer my services as a consultant & content creator.

Some of the people I work with are a one-off collaboration, but others work with me on a regular basis.

Two of them specifically are top creators who run very successful businesses.

Do you know how I got to work with them?

You guessed it: It was thanks to my Twitter profile.

One of these creators found me through Twitter, asked me if I wanted to jump on a call, and offered that we work together right on the spot.

He loved the content I was putting out and wanted me to help him do the same. 6 months later, we still work together.

The other one posted a role opening on his newsletter.

I reached out and, as it turns out, he already knew about me because he followed on Twitter.

One call later and we had an agreement to work together.

Both of these creators didn't know anything about my past work experience.

They didn't know about my 4+ years on advertising agencies or that I have a masters degree,

They didn't care!

They just trusted what they had been seeing from me on Twitter.

My Twitter profile and my content worked as my CV.

If you are a creator who is also looking to sell their services, keep this in mind: your social profiles and the content you put on them are your CV.

Your next job could come from Twitter!